If you actually plan on spending your vacation on the beach, a jet ski is precisely what you need to make it perfect. A jet ski is a personal watercraft that can hold one or two people. Over the years since the jet ski was introduced in the market, various modifications have been made. With the changes came various models which had different parts and required specialized servicing. Here are the most popular jet ski models accompanied by their parts and the servicing that they need.

Sea-Doo Spark

With its fuel efficiency, lightweight material and portable audio system, the 2019 Sea-Doo Spark is a dream watercraft. The sound system is removable and still works when completely submerged in water. The craft is also quite spacious and can fit three people with much ease. For servicing, the audio system needs to be charged and to maintain the machine’s great exterior, you need to get a cover or some paint to prevent it from fading.

Yamaha EX Series

Yamaha is an internationally known company for the many different vehicles they make. Like all other machines built by Yamaha, the EX Series is incredible. For durability, the professionals added fibreglass hulls and decks. The fuel tank was also increased, making sure that the weight of the watercraft was not affected much. The top speed is also awe-inspiring, although, with a 1049cc engine, it is not hard to believe. The engine has three cylinders, so the maintenance and service are quite manageable.

Narke ElectroJet

Narke is reputable for making high tech jet skis. The Narke F6S is made up of carbon fibre and smart electronics. However, the most eye-catching thing about the jet ski is that it is electro, therefore very environmentally friendly. Attention was paid to the model and shape to make the craft both durable and elegant.